New Driveway planning... ?? any ideas
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New Driveway planning... ?? any ideas

by Jim357 » Sat Jan 05, 2008 3:54 pm

hi there, i am new to this site.. and upon answering a few questions .. i have suddenly thought..hold on, i need a question or two.. answered lol.

i am wondering.. what do i need to start planning the front of my house.
i want to rip out the old front garden ( waste ground, more like ).. as it is all overgrown..if not dead, and parking on the road is at a premium, so i plan to make it into parking for the cars.
so where do i start...please advise..
do i need planning..?
i know re the pavement ( drop curb ) £600 + cost and so on..

but i need advice so i can save money..and pre do the work.. as in.. ripping out the old shrubs..and silly front wall.. which is only 3 bricks high.. and what kind of stone ard core do i need to use.. and how deep?
then..once that is done..i can decide and plan how i want the area to look like.
any ideas please advise..

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by thedoctor » Sat Jan 05, 2008 4:39 pm

See our project on building a driveway or path. Also see the projects on planning permission, breaking up concrete, foundations, bricklaying etc etc . Everything you need to know is in the projects section.

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by nedge08 » Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:52 pm


the drive way will need to be dug around 200 to 250mm below the original driveway depper if there is mud as soft ground could cause new driveway to sink. then apply 100 to 160mm of type 1 hardcore. type1 hardcore is mixed with a dust which gets in between the stones and really compacts down hard. then lay block edging round the outside of the drive on screed (sand and cement). some cowboys will lay the whole drive on sand. then if its blockpaving youe need to apply around 25mm to 40mm of compacted to sharp sand to lay the blocks on then when its all done brush silver sand ( kiln dried sand) into the joints to lock in. if tarmacing drive. once blockedging and harcore is in. you need to make sure that 100 to 120mm of base 20mm tamac is applied and 25mm to 35mm. 6mm toping is applied for the final coat.

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