New gate keeping me awake at night! Loose latch!
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New gate keeping me awake at night! Loose latch!

by Gregzilla75 » Mon Apr 11, 2022 9:05 pm

Hi, paid for someone to cut a new gate into my fence as I needed an additional access point - they cut through and added a hinge to part of the fence on one side, planted a post on other side with a little latch. All fine but last night there was a bit of wind and the gate made a racket all night - my bedroom is right next to it. I think it's the rattling around the latch making the noise as it rocks to and fro with the metal clanging together. As someone with zero DIY skills I have temporarily stuck a pencil through the hole to stop the 'trigger', for want of a better word, banging about, and tightened it up with an old shoelace! Hopefully this will dampen the noise tonight but it renders the gate useless.

Can anyone recommend a new latch or bolt, preferrably from B&Q or Screwfix, that will be a lot quieter if I use it to replace the current one?

I thought about asking the original tradesman about it but I guess he's done what was asked of him so not his problem. Out of interest, was £200 a fair price for the service (there was also a bit of a hedge in the way as well that had to be removed)?

Please see photo for reference.


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Re: New gate keeping me awake at night! Loose latch!

by stoneyboy » Wed Apr 13, 2022 11:01 pm

Hi gregzilla75,
Try a spring loaded animal bolt, you will have to drill a recess for the bolt to fit into but otherwise it’s just screwed in place.
Looks you you used to have a nice fence!
Regards S

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