New patio install but few questions before hand
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New patio install but few questions before hand

by hjb » Wed Nov 10, 2021 6:32 pm


I am having a new patio installed and have a couple questions.

The guys that are doing it are removing some existing turf to extend out and lift the old patio. However they said they can just put type 1 over the existing sand that was under the patio, then on top of the type1 it will be the sand/cement mix for sandstone.

Is this correct or should the old sand be removed also?

Regarding drainage I had asked a drainage grid be put in along the sleeper edge on the far side of the patio where the grass is (grass, then a sleeper height drop to the patio), but they are saying the way it will need to be laid, they would be best running the drainage grid along the house side of the patio. I have always read dont run these along side of house. The pipe is getting tided into the rain water downpipe for info.

There will be a 2 step down from back doors to patio

Any advice on this?

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