New Rubberbond Roof Leaking!!
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New Rubberbond Roof Leaking!!

by conwayd05 » Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:59 pm

Hello, I had a local builder out at the start of the week to do some building work. He basically replaced all of my lead flashing at the side of chimney, £450, fitted new fascia boards and guttering for £600 and both these jobs I think they done to a very good standard. The guy was on top of the chimney for about 3 to 4 hours maybe a little more and he cut all the old stuff off and it looks nice. The guttering they did over two days and on the second day they arrived at 7am and didn't live till nearly 6pm and hardly stopped.

The problem I have is with the roof. They charged me £350 for a new roof on my concrete shed. They took off the old asbestos corrugated roof and installed "new 18mm sterling board to roof .using solid wall fixings into wall .install all fibreglass edge trims and corners using 30mm copper clout nails .tape all joints .paint on rubberbond to 4mm thick and leave to cure".

The first day they knocked at the door and said oh the wooden frame that is there is rotten and it's £250 for a new one.. I said that's £40 of wood at best and the guy said yes but your paying us to build it.. I declined and said look if I get 5 years out of it I'll be happy. They then basically spent the best part of the first day trying to get the wooden boards to do at an angle that the water would run off but without building a new frame. On the 2nd day the boss man took over from the other two finished it off and they went on there way.

The overall finish looked good but the rubberbond on top looked thin as you could see the joints below. Also they said nothing about how long it takes to set and within hours the corner of the roof had a puddle of water on it and the next day I come out to check and water was dripping through the joints in the wood below. I went out to the DIY shop and got some of the roof repair that has fibres in to try and patch bits on top and ended up having to buy a 5KG tub and do the whole roof top but it started to rain and there was a lot of water on the roof so I don't think its setting correctly.. I've put plastic over it to cover it now but I was wondering what I should do next..

I think they took so long on the first day they either didn't let the rubber bond set correctly or only put one coat on instead of two as they had two big tubs but only used one.. It raining straight away didn't help! I'm in two minds just to go buy some roof felt now and put it over the top...

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