Newbie building simple frame, trying to keep it square
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Newbie building simple frame, trying to keep it square

by MJ76 » Wed Aug 23, 2023 11:37 am

Hi folks, hopefully an easy question for someone with some knowledge can help me with. Im building a wood frame which I intend on using as a log store roof which will be covered in felt. My main question is simply that I seem to struggle with constructing frames that dont flex out of being square. That is to say, ive got 4 bits of wood (the outer frame) which im fixing together with butt joints. I appreciate butt joints arent the strongest, but how do I make the frame more rigid so that it doesnt flex out of being 'square'. Ive consructed the frame so far and it is square, with 2 screws at each point of fixing. Ive purchased some 90 degree corner clamps which will hopefully help me build in future. For this frame, should I insert square peices of wood in each corner and screw in from each side? Obviously looking for a straight forward option with minimal intricacy. Thank you =)

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Re: Newbie building simple frame, trying to keep it square

by stoneyboy » Fri Aug 25, 2023 9:56 pm

Hi mj76,
Cut yourself some 300mm (ish) lengths of the frame timber with 45deg cuts on both ends screw and glue these inside the corners of your frame.
Regards S

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