Newbie Guidance on Replacing a built under Oven?
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Newbie Guidance on Replacing a built under Oven?

Post by S-McG » Mon Oct 04, 2021 6:14 pm

Hi there,

I think this is possibly the most basic or naive question ever posted in this forum but my
Friends and family are as clueless as i am so here goes! ..

I need to replace my current (electric) oven that is a built under.

The (gas) hob is separate but is directly over the oven cavity.

I currently have a Logik LBFANX14.

The cavity space for the oven is standard size 600mm x600mm.

I ordered a new oven online (Hotpoint) which was 1 or 2cm smaller overall in dimensions than the current oven.

when it arrived the installation guys said it did not fit and that I needed a “shallower depth”
oven due to the gas pipe.

Cue me looking for tiny shallow ovens for ages and realising they are few and far between but wondering why my “standard” dimensions oven fit the space.
The standard oven depth wise didn’t touch the gas pipe at the back so dont think the new (smaller oven)an issue with the pipe.

I think(?) what is really the issue is needing to accommodate the Hob above the oven and make sure the oven allows for correct room to not touch the underside of the Hob.

The Logik has a “sloped” top. The front is higher but then it drops down a few CM Like a step “ledge” allowing it not to interfere with the hob.

I need to order online as can’t get out to any stores currently.

I thought I ordered the right dimensions the first time.l so I’m worried I will pick the wrong thing again……

What should I be looking for to ensure I’m getting the right fit electric oven that accommodates a Gas Hob above the space the oven fits?? If I ensure I select from
“Built under” will they be good fits?

(Told you it was a basic question!)

Appreciate any guidance!

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Re: Newbie Guidance on Replacing a built under Oven?

Post by stoneyboy » Tue Oct 05, 2021 9:48 pm

Hi S-mcg
Can only suggest you check the clearance you need for under the hob and search for web sites where product drawings are included.
Regards S

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