Oil boiler flue fix?
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Oil boiler flue fix?

by adriandonlan » Tue Sep 19, 2023 12:25 pm

I have an oil boiler (Grant Vortex utility 50/70), the lower part of the flue has developed a hole. This was detected during the service, the company told me that the flue used (poujoulat twin wall therminox) will need to be replaced and a grant flue installed.
This boiler is in an outside building and not inhabited. Due to scaffolding etc they quoted £4k! I have managed to find a replacement section of the flue but it looks like the flue will need to be dismantled to fit it. If someone could help answer a few questions I'd be grateful.
When installing these flues is it normal to build them from the boiler upwards? The second section is an adjustable one, I thought that I could make this smaller to remove the section with the hole? But this doesn't seem possible. I then thought I could remove a section further up where the flue has a 90° bend but I not sure if the remaining section will be secure?
Thirdly, I thought that I could create an entirely new flue that comes out of the wall behind the boiler, but I'm assuming that this is not possible due to regulations. I've attached some photos.

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Re: Oil boiler flue fix?

by stoneyboy » Thu Sep 21, 2023 9:58 pm

Hi adriandonian,
With a lot of tasks you never know what you are up against until it work in progress. Suggest you try taking the existing flue apart - supporting it as necessary - and see if the new section you have found will fit.
Regards S

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