Old & under sized electricity supply cable going to mete
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Trevor McAlister
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Old & under sized electricity supply cable going to mete

by Trevor McAlister » Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:00 am

Wanted to ask this question before I got a spark in to quote for changing the consumer unit, stage one of a complete rewiring.
Just got the keys to a 1939 semi-detached house that has original wiring, only 6 (round pin) sockets in the house. The mains cable that enters the electric meter looks like it may be too small a gauge for modern power requirements of a 3 bed house. It also appears to be the wrong sort of cable and disappears off in the direction of the adjoining house, I need to lift more flooring this weekend to see where it actually goes.
The cable looks like 10 mm2 or possible 16 mm2 cores and it has a lead outer, the cables shape is that of the 2.5 mm2 lead outer twin & earth that is in other parts of the house, but just with 10 mm2 cores.
Back in the 1930’s sometimes did they run one supply cable from the road and share it between a pair of semi-detached houses, which is what I’m thinking may have happened in this house. As my supply cable doesn’t look robust enough to have been buried all the way from the road.
If the supply from the road has been shared between the houses (pre meter) can the same be done again with new cable, or would I have to pay for a new connection to the road supply.
(I have a photo I can email on request)
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by kbrownie » Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:05 pm

Doesn't sound to strange a set up, likely to be 16mm tails.
Your electrician will tell you what needs doing.
They may suggest updating to 17th editions, If your considering new CU you will have to.
Get three different quotes in from on site visits not over the phone.
If you don't use an electrician that is registered with a scheme provider, an application will be needed to be made to building controls as it is covered by part p.
If registered electrician is used they will do that for you.
Google "competentperson.co.uk/"


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by sparx » Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:52 pm

hI, It was not unusual to loop from next door, in fact only last month I went to do a Con.unit change and not only was it looped to next house, it was AFTER cut out fuse so pulling 'my' fuse also killed supply to next door!
I know this may seem a bit back to front but probably the easiest/cheapest way is to get your rewire done with new board & 25mm2 tails connected to a fused isolator switch with old tails in and new out.
If tails really are very small then there will be only a 60A service fuse, if this should happen to blow with new load your REC will come to replace it and note supply size & should get it upgraded at their cost.
If you ask for upgrade it can be expensive,
regards Sparx

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