P-Shaped Conservatory Roof Woes
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Tall bloke
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P-Shaped Conservatory Roof Woes

by Tall bloke » Tue Oct 29, 2019 5:38 pm

We have a P shaped conservatory on our house that was originally a 3 bell shape but was extended 5 years ago to a P shape. Last year we had a new end frame with double doors fitted in place of the old set that were not locking correctly.
Last week a glass roof panel dropped out of its frame on one side which caused us serious concern so we contacted the original contractor who came and repaired it a few days later. We also had another contractor in to give a quote for changing the glass roof for a new lightweight tiled roof. During the inspection for the quote for the conversion we discovered that the current conservatory has 2 corner posts missing(not fitted) and no structural support above the new double doors. He suggested that the excessive movement of the end frame on opening and closing the doors had caused the outer edge of the roof to move approx 12/14mm leading the the roof panel dropping out of its frame on one side.

We have huge concerns that this is not right and the guy who came to give us the quote to convert the roof told us it was not safe. I have a couple of questions that you may be able to help with as follows:

1. Should the corner at the join of the P and the outside straight section have a corner post?

2. Should the corner at the end frame have a corner post?

3. Should the ring beam be fitted to the whole P shape of the conservatory except the brick wall where it joins the house.

4. Should there be a structural steel beam across the top of the end frame above the new doors?

Help and advice from the knowledgable members of the group appreciated.

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