Painting Over New Plaster and now Have Rough Patches
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Painting Over New Plaster and now Have Rough Patches

Post by Grlee » Sun Mar 13, 2022 1:57 pm

My partner and I had our bedroom skimmed at the beginning of February and are now beginning to decorate.

We have mixed a mist coat using a plain white emulsion and the first coat went on fine. However, in two or three areas there looked to be some imperfections after application, so this morning, after letting it dry overnight, we sanded lightly over the areas affected and have reapplied the mist coat. Now it looks worse and in a couple of places doesn’t look like the paint / mist coat has even adhered to the wall, and we’re worried that either we’ve ruined it, or that there’s something going on with the walls.

How can we remedy this? Do we need to sand off the paint and apply a proper primer? Reapply the mist coat with a brush just on the sanded areas? Something else? I am a complete novice.

Any help very very gratefully appreciated!

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Re: Painting Over New Plaster and now Have Rough Patches

Post by stoneyboy » Mon Mar 14, 2022 10:41 pm

Hi griee,
It may be that there is some oily contaminant in the plaster or an oily substance has got on the wall since the plastering was done.
You may have to use a stain blocking primer on the dodgy patches before you apply additional coats.
Regards S

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