Patio issue
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Patio issue

by Jimi1604 » Tue Apr 13, 2021 8:41 pm

Hi folks hope someone can advise me about this...

I plan to lay Indian sandstone slabs in an area surrounded by walls on three sides. However, I made an error with measuring out the width and as a result I have about 190mm of extra ground to cover on the sides. The slabs are large and I don’t want to change my layout and have to cut lots of slabs.

My plan is to add 100mm wide monoblocks around the edges, and then the paving on the inside. I would have to adjust the spacing between the slabs as a result but think this could potentially least it will fit.

Given that monoblocks are normally laid on a sharp sand bed and the slabs on a mortar bed...and also the fact that the monoblocks are 50mm in depth compared to 25mm for the slabs, I was thinking of laying the monoblocks on a sharp sand bed around the edges first, ensuring the bed is 25mm lower than the bed for the slabs. I would then lay the slabs after this.

Is this a workable solution? Or can I also lay the monoblocks on a mortar bed the same as the paving stones but just ensure that the bed for the stones is higher and level with the monoblocks?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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