Patio Issues after having new patio laid - please help
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Patio Issues after having new patio laid - please help

Post by BrummieNick » Wed Mar 10, 2021 2:21 pm

Hi all. I've just had a new patio fitted and the landscapers/builders are coming back to repoint when the weather is dry. The patio looks ok at a glance however there are some issues. The joints are 10mm in place and 18mm in others which to my eye looks really strange. They have also got one area with 'crossroads', which looks weird. Am I just being a fussy customer and will the wide/differing joint gaps be less noticeable when pointed?

The other issue is the patio fall is towards the house (it was on a slope already. I have insisted on an ACO on the side wall and there is a gravel trench on the back wall. The ACO drains into the waste drain (combo drainage). The gravel ditch is only around 60mm deep with gravel on top of the hardcore. I'm worried now that an ACO should have gone in there too.

The back wall where the gravel ditch is installed is 2 bricks under DPC. The side wall where the ACO is installed is only around 30mm below DPC 9top of the ACO grate).

Any advice would be much appreciated. I have paid him half upfront but won't pay the rest until satisfied.

They are 20mm thick real slate slabs BTW.

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Re: Patio Issues after having new patio laid - please help

Post by stoneyboy » Thu Mar 11, 2021 9:41 pm

Hi brummienick
The wider joints will look odd if the majority are 10mm, your contractor may blame varying slabs sizes but he should have selected ones to minimise the variation. If there is only one cross joint it’s probably worth asking for the slabs around this point to be relayed to eliminate it.
If there is a gravel trench next to the back wall this could always be replaced with an acco drain at a later stage.
Regards S

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