Patio Laid without fall - Please help with advice
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Patio Laid without fall - Please help with advice

by carl27227 » Wed Dec 07, 2022 4:39 pm

We recently had a porcelain patio laid. I have attached photos. In the corner where the soil pipe is located, it is falling towards the house. Most of the patio is level with some areas running towards the house. There is no fall at all, which we are disputing with the landscaper. He says we do not need much of a fall with this size. However, we believe there should be a fall away from the walls. In the photos you will see I have taken various levels from all over the patio. Pic 4 shows it running slightly towards the house. There is no aco-drain or drainage for water to be carried away from the walls. Any insight would be gratefully received. We have not paid him for the work yet.

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