Plasterboard Wall on Side of Chimney Breast
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Plasterboard Wall on Side of Chimney Breast

by amck24 » Sun Jan 26, 2020 10:10 pm

The chimney breast in the living room of my 1960s flat has what sounds like a plasterboard wall built on the right side of it. It is 5cm less deep than the breast and 7.5cm wide (except at the top of the breast, where it widens out). I've been trying to work out what it is by looking online but have drawn a blank. Does anyone know what it could be for?

I would like to take it off so I can put in some alcove shelving (as on the left side), but feel like it is there for a reason so wanted to be certain before I did. I also a feeling at the back of my mind that there may be asbestos containing material in the panel. A few months ago I had an asbestos survey done in the flat because an engineer suspected my electricity meter was housing in a box with asbestos containing material. The report tested this along with some vinyl tiles and the walls, but not the area around the chimney breast. We did discuss where there might be asbestos at the time but I didn't think to ask about this hollow wall then.

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