Possible Poor attic air circulation and celing cracks
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Rob D
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Possible Poor attic air circulation and celing cracks

by Rob D » Sat Feb 16, 2008 7:12 pm

We have a single story house with 3" wide eve troughts.
We live in Ontario Canada and the previous owners put on 3" wide eve troughs which I feel are not wide enough for the type of weather conditions we can have.

There is a spot in the roof line it appears the roof is starting to buckle a little and now I have found cracks in the main floor celing.
Is there a chance the two conditions are related and is this a serious issue?
One contractor I had look at the issue when I just saw the roof buckle issue.
I have been told that that nre soffeet has to be cut our more then it is and new soffet and facia replacing the old.
Will take care of the issue with more air circulation through the attic.
I take the snow of the roof during the winter with a snow rack.

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