Power to 240v or 12V uplights outside, from a socket inside?
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Power to 240v or 12V uplights outside, from a socket inside?

Post by stevey4 » Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:14 pm

Right here goes,

I have one socket indoors available, this already has a switched fused spur powering a light on the outside of the house.

From this socket or light i need to run about 6 meters under ground to the back of the garden and power a selection of sunken uplighters.

If I took the light out of the equation, i believe i could replace the switched fused spur with an RCD protected fuse spur and run armoured from that.

Does anyone have a better idea and maybe including the current light on the wall.


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Post by kbrownie » Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:11 am

First thing is to consider regulations and legal requirements:
It is notifiable Part P work if you are DIYing so look on project pages for part p or needs to be installed by an electricain that is registered on a domestic installers scheme.

The requirements for cable underground is at least 600mm in an area that may be disturbed ie garden tools etc or at least 400mm if concrete path/driveway.
The cable should be layed in sand so no stone/bricks can damage and be covered with coping stone and yellow/black indication tape over that.
This circuit should be RCD protected either at spur as far as light just link it up to circuit.

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