Price to fit skirting?
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Price to fit skirting?

by Joiner_Mike » Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:26 pm

Hi all.
A question for fellow joiners. Normally I would estimate how long it will take me to fit skirting boards and charge accordingly. I've just been to price up a job and there are several hundred metres of skirking to be fitted and I was wondering what the average price was per metre. Easier than trying to work out time on this job.
Skirting is 7" torus, not many low sockets etc and most rooms are square shaped.
I live in Lancashire. Just after an average cost per metre.
Thank you all for your time answering

Dan the man
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by Dan the man » Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:28 pm

My mate charges £3 metre, North west area

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by TheDoctor4 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:57 pm

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