Projecting Managing Advice on Toilet and Showe Room Project
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Projecting Managing Advice on Toilet and Showe Room Project

by GeminianDragon » Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:30 pm

Hi there, not sure if I'm posting in the right place.

I'm looking for some help/advice on managing this project; we are turning a small narrow bedroom into a separate toilet and shower room, but I need help in deciding what order to do things in.

The main issue we have are; the plaster is hollow and crumbling - and we have a neighbour next door who likes to play loud music (which is fine most of the time as they do not play it often - but obviously our child cannot use this room to sleep in if the neighbour plays music from 7pm to 11pm) ...and we can also hear him using to toilet, which is the room next door!

Therefore the plaster needs to be removed, we've looked into soundproofing the walls (for £600 and loosing 55mm each wall, which isn't a possibility as the room is already narrow) and decided our 1950s maisonette would be better off if it was remodeled for modern living. We will still be looking to soundproof the floor ourselves (for under £500 instead of over £1,165!) as sound travels in these properties.

So here is a list I've written:

1. Remove wall paper (ourselves)
2. Remove electrics (one socket)
3. Remove radiator (one radiator)
4. Remove plaster (ourselves)
5. Plasterboard and plaster
6. Get a partition wall put up to split the room
7. Lighting and electrics
8. Toilet installed
9. Radiators installed (may have radiator skirting)
10. Shower installed
11. Sinks installed
12. Boiler installed
13. Tiling
14. Flooring
15. Soundproofing

My second question is, if we were to get a professional in to do all the above work apart from the soundproofing, how much do you think it would cost to install?


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