Putting Shelves on Plasterboard Wall to Hold Weight
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Putting Shelves on Plasterboard Wall to Hold Weight

by cornwalldad » Wed Nov 13, 2019 10:20 am

Need some advice please.
I am looking at putting some shelving on a plasterboard wall to put books on. My worry is that I don't know how much weight the wall can take.
Shelf dimensions are 2100mm L x 200mm W x 15mm H. (The whole width of the wall).
I guestimate the weight of the books to be 35 - 40kg Per shelf and I intended to drill and screw into the studwork and fix 4-5 brackets / shelf.

I am thinking of putting up four shelves 300mm apart with a total loaded weight of between 140-150kg plus the shelf and brackets weight.
So, my concern is, Is this too much for the wall to take? Should I be looking at some other type of fixing or reducing the number of shelves?
OR is this OK?
Appreciate any constructive comments.

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