PVCu Windows, Doors & Roofline... Is This Acceptable?
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V6 Benny
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PVCu Windows, Doors & Roofline... Is This Acceptable?

by V6 Benny » Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:46 pm

Long story short, but I'm in the process of having replacement PVCu windows, doors and roofline fitted, which is turning into a minefield in terms of fit and finish.

Can anyone shed light on the following:

PVCu windows have been fitted into the brickwork apperture but are of a lesser frame depth/thickness than the soft wood items they replace.

The resulting gap between the inside edge of the window frame and the interior wall has been bridged by affixing a plastic trim-strip with flexible mastic. If this trim-strip is removed, then the cavity wall void can be clearly seen.

Is this standard practice, or should the gap first be filled with foam/packing material, prior to fitment of the trim-strip? The trim-strip itself seems to be a magnet for condensation as it's the only barrier between warm internal air and the cold of the cavity.

The window handles fitted to the sash's are positioned worryingly close to the fixed frame rails and almost foul these when the sash's are opened/closed, to the point where the handles themselves are starting to wear the internal sash seals. Is this acceptable and how could this issue occur during manufacture?

Is there an industry regulator who controls standards and to whom I can relay specifics, for assistance and guidance, before paying for, what could turn out to be, a sub-standard job?

Thanks in advance.

welsh brickie
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Project Manager
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by welsh brickie » Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:37 am

If your unhappy with the finish call them back,
Usual upvc frame thickness is 70mm
A plastic trim is usually fitted around the inside of the frame
Expanding foam is only used when a gap is large around the frame 10mm or so.
Handles are tight to the sash when opening,but hard to comment without seeing pictures.
The industry regulator is FENSA .Fensa does not train window fitting though.

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