Question re laying indian sandstone
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Question re laying indian sandstone

by Kash2212 » Sat Jul 31, 2021 12:43 pm


I have started a project laying an indian sandstone patio.

So far I have put down 100mm mot subbase. A friend of mine who is a builder suggested I put down an inch of compacted sharp sand (which I have done), before applying a full mortar bed and tapping the sandstone onto that.

As I say, I have got as far as putting down an inch of sharp sand, screeding it, then compacting with a wacker. (I understand i probably should have compacted then screened, but it seems fairly level; and I am aware it will now be less than an inch deep but fairly uniform in thickness).

It seems as though most guides I've read ignore the inch layer of sharp sand step, and instead suggest putting down a full mortar bed directly onto the compacted mot sub base.

This now worries me. The questions i have are:
Will I need to remove this sharp sand layer?
If not, will a mortar bed stick to compacted sharp sand?

Thanks in advance!

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