Questions buying and installing red cedar Horizontal tounge and groove fence
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Questions buying and installing red cedar Horizontal tounge and groove fence

by Khalid89 » Fri Sep 17, 2021 12:46 pm

Hi guys

I'm new to fencing and thinking of having a kiln dried pressure treated C24 red cedar tounge and groove horizontal 6 foot fence with all timber planed smooth installed, but have following questions:

1. Firstly where would I source the finished materials in the UK, near Leicester?

2. For 10 - 6x6 foot (30mmx120mm)panels and 3- 5x2 foot wall panels,one matching 6×3 full framed ledged and braced door plus the 100mm x100mm timber posts and 13 pieces of 50mm×120mm rounded capping rails How much would this roughly cost, for:

C)Materials and labour?

3.Since there will be no gaps due to it being a solid tounge and groove fence; Will this fence be OK dealing with windy conditions?

4.Will timber shrinking leading to gaps and loose boards and fixings be a problem with this tounge and groove method, if so how long should I let the wood dry for before installation, how much shrinking should I allow for? it better for strength to have the panel boards screwed on to the face of the posts or mortise and tenoned into the centre of posts or attachedto H posts

6. I want to have the panels look same on both sides and avoid potential sagging, is it better to have 2 layers of board panels either side of supporting rails, or no supporting middle rail but supporting frame instead which the boards screw on and then have another frame on the other side?

Really look forward to your answers and advice.

many thanks in advance !


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