Redoing fencing, concrete posts and gravel boards
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Redoing fencing, concrete posts and gravel boards

by beno148 » Tue May 12, 2020 7:47 pm

Hi all,

Mixture of storm denis and lockdown has got me into helping replacing the fencing at home. We had old wooden posts and fencing up, good 10-20 years been up. Decided to go with concrete posts and gravel boards, then 5 ft panels. Any advice or suggestions welcome.

So looking like im going to need

Thinking the 7'9''/8 ft posts, so firstly i understand need to be 2 ft deep? We are rural and have a field behind us so have read maybe having deeper in these cases, but fence posts that come out wasnt 2ft deep and seemed to fair well all these years.

Going to be doing 30 posts, so i am a better off getting a bulk bag of concrete mixture delivered and hiring a mixer for this sort of size?

For offering it up, so it sets correct to people suggest putting panels in when offering up, or will the concrete gravel boards suffice?

As for panels looking to go for 5ft panels, looked at some single sided pressure treated ones, like on garden fencing panels coming out a £30 a panel, is that about right?

posts and boards are coming out at £10 each, with the corner ones be about £13/14 quid.

Anything i am missing here? or need to take into account?

Also appreciate going to be a lot of digging, not saying im looking forward to it lol!

thank you


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