Relocating a consumer unit
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Relocating a consumer unit

by ccnp » Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:51 pm

I will be getting a split load CU as part of an extension and want to find out where I can and cannot locate it in the house. I want to find out what are the rules that correspond to the IP rating of lights in bathrooms etc

I have a small (5'x3') downstairs toilet in a logical location and would like to use the wall with no sink or cistern on it (only a radiator below the level of the CU). This would be approx 12m tail run from the meter box. The CU woudl be mounted approx 5' off the ground.

thanks in advance

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by sparx » Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:18 pm

Hi,don't know how to answer this as the fact you are asking says you are not registered as a 'LABC Part-P' leckie.
Therefore you will be paying a fee to building control presumably as part of your planning application.
If so I would check with your inspector if he is happy to have the consumer unit there.
Electrically no reason why not, however max length for 'tails' is 3 meters.
You would have to fit a switch fuse at that max. distance and run a 'sub-main' to the consumer unit from there, this should not be in any DNO's meter box if fitted.
Adding/changing a consumer unit is a 'Controlled Service', can you also test and issue the required installation cert.?
See PROJECTS electrical part p on this forum
regards SPARX

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