Removing paint from brickwork in door porchway
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Removing paint from brickwork in door porchway

by cudworth78 » Mon Oct 30, 2023 11:11 am

Hi All,
After continuing to find blistered paint and moisture internally, I decided to tackle our front door porch area. I was convinced that restricting the brick's breathability was causing moisture to become trapped, so I set about removing masonry paint. I researched and decided to use a gel paint stripper. When scraping, I could see the top coat masonry paint peeling away but there is a white substance underneath that is even more stubborn. It is powdery and chalky but I don't think it is efflorescence because it appears to be placed on the brickwork under the paint intentionally - see pics. How do I clean up these bricks? In some areas, the masonry paint has turned to a chewing gum consistency and is sticky. In other areas this white chalk is everywhere. Do I use a more severe brick acid or paint it over again and don't tell the missus?! You can see from one photo that the cleanest I've got it is with a pressure washer but this area will need repointing and this was too aggressive on the bricks. Please help, the missus gets home soon! Thanks

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Re: Removing paint from brickwork in door porchway

by stoneyboy » Tue Oct 31, 2023 10:02 pm

Hi cudworth78,
I tend to agree with your diagnosis that sealing the outside of a solid brick wall will retain moisture and lead to damp inside.
Try brick acid on a small area once you have removed the masonry paint. It may also be worth trying the sandblasting attachment you can get for some pressure washers- pick one where you can adjust the pressure.
Regards S

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