Repairing Plasterboard and Lath and Plaster Cupboard
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Repairing Plasterboard and Lath and Plaster Cupboard

Post by teddy_amok » Wed Jun 19, 2019 1:13 pm

Hello, I hope you are keeping well.

I live in a granite building with Lath & Plaster internal walls (with the exception of 1 random wall which is plasterboard).

We have 2 built in cupboards in our bedroom which are lath & plaster. As the wife and myself are able to keep ladders, ironing boards etc in these cupboards as well as clothes the back of the cupboard which is lath and plaster has took a bit of a battering over the years.
As I am currently draughtproofing because of condensation etc I want to repair the holes in the back wall of the cupboard and then overboard that wall with wood fibre boards to protect the walls from future damage.

I was just wondering what would be best adhesive to use to attach the wood fibre boards to the lath and plaster wall. I want to ensure the glue does not impede the breathability of the boards and plaster wall.

In one of the small built in cupboards above the clothes cupboards I saw that there is sagging/blown and cracked area of plasterboard that needs repaired.
Strangely, ive just discovered that this particular side of the bedroom wall is plasterboard were the other 3 walls are lath and plaster.
I was originnaly just gonna use plaster buttons to repair this area of the small overhead cupboard but this is when I thought the wall in question was lath & plaster rether than plasterboard.
Should I just board over with a sized piece of wood fibre board?

Thank you very much for your time and help.
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