Replacement Band for Hook and Band Hinge
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Replacement Band for Hook and Band Hinge

Post by RubenFish » Tue Jul 23, 2019 8:40 am

Hi everyone,

New here, and pretty clueless about this sort of stuff.

We have a very old gate with a hook and band hinge at the end of our garden. The problem we have is that the 'hook' is integral to a metal post which is sunk into a concrete block. I'm having trouble finding a gate narrow enough to fit the gap, but that is a different story, my main problem is that I cannot find replacement 'band' with a loop wide enough to fit over the existing hook.

The hook measures 18mm diameter, but all the hook and band hinges I can find only fit hooks around 15mm. Any ideas?

My first thought was to try clean up and reuse the exiting bands, but as you can see from the photo they are pretty badly rusted, with the bolts fused by rust in a few places - so if there is an easier way I'd like to try.

Any help much appreciated!


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