Replacing Dimmable LED Spots with Dimmable LED Strip Lights
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Replacing Dimmable LED Spots with Dimmable LED Strip Lights

by hyperbolicparaboloid » Wed Jul 07, 2021 3:23 pm

Hello forum!

I am looking to install LED strip lighting (dimmable) in newly built shelving/cabinets which sit either side of a chimney breast.

Each unit will have 3 shelves so, the lighting will need to allow long connectors so that I can run the cables down between each shelf and link them.

Currently, there is a single dimmable LED spot light on either side of the fireplace, both controlled by a trailing edge dimmer wall switch.

Is it possible to allow the installation of strips via a controller on either side and connected through the existing spot light cabling so that the LED strips can be controlled by the existing trailing edge dimmer wall switch. I wish to use the lighting circuit and avoid using wall sockets.

Furthermore, might anyone have any recommendations on the best best components to use?

Many thanks in advance for all advise offered!

Mr White
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Project Manager
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Re: Replacing Dimmable LED Spots with Dimmable LED Strip Lights

by Mr White » Wed Jul 07, 2021 8:05 pm

It is possible to achieve as you have asked, and your trailing edge dimmer is suitable for LED's.
There are a variety of LED strips and drivers available, make sure the one you choose has a dimmable driver.
Some LED strips have cuttable sections, so you can cut it to the width of your shelves. You also need to decide if you want warm white or cool white LED strips. There are also connectors available to allow you to connect to the now cut LED strip, some come with long wire, most don't so you may have to buy some wire to interconnect the LED strips.

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