Replacing Dual Flush Valve in Concealed Cistern
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Replacing Dual Flush Valve in Concealed Cistern

Post by redlight » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:01 pm

Hi all,

I've got a problem where my toilet always continues to let a trickle through even after stopping flushing.

Looking in the cistern it isn't over-filling, it just seems that it is not fully sealing off - either because the seal is worn or the mechanism is too lime-scaled up.

I was going to replace the whole mechanism (it seems to be an Ideal Standard Pneumatic Dual Flush Valve SV93467) - but my problem is I can only access it through lifting up the flush plate – as it is a concealed system that is tiled in. I can easily twist and uncouple it, but only the thinner rectangular top end will fit out the gap, but the wider circular bottom end will not.

It seems like maybe it would fit out if the button panel was directly above the cistern, but it has been fitted slightly forward.

So my questions are:
- Are there any tricks to getting this out that I am not aware of?
- Is it possible to detach the bottom part of the valve to make it easier to get out?
- Is there any other way to fix this without removing it?
- If the only way to access is essentially breaking through the tiled top – is there any way to do this to limit the damage/repair work needed?

Photos are attached to illustrate.




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