Replacing UK light swich with European Light swich(3 core)
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Replacing UK light swich with European Light swich(3 core)

by MDKKEN » Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:41 pm


I want to replace a UK light switch 2core& earth with European light switch(3 core and earth). How can I do this?

My research has shown UK uses 3 plate system - that the ceiling rose are connected in series. From ceiling rose down to switch is 2 core+earth. In Europe they use 2 plate- they do it the other way round. That is the light switch are connected in series. then at the light switch a cable is run up to the light. With three phase and with 2 plate set-up - three core is needed.

Does this mean in the UK to use the switch can I replace the 2 core + earth to ceiling rose with just 3 core and earth - if so how?
or does a second spur to the light switch is needed for the extra blue neutral connection if so how.

I want use the switch as its Z-Wave Europe type from ACT.

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