Retaining Wall in Lean To Extension
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Retaining Wall in Lean To Extension

Post by markbrick » Tue Jan 11, 2022 6:11 pm

Hi all.

I have a lean to on the side of my house that was there when I moved in almost 10 years ago. It is 5m long by 1.5m wide. It has a polycarbonate roof and the one side wall is my house and the other side wall is a 5 foot high brick built retaining wall the other side of which is my neighbours side entry/garden. I live on a hill. The two end walls (front/back) are both brick built and at present have standard entry gates on them.

This space has only every been used for general storage. I am now looking to make more use of this space and have the poly carbonate roof replaced with either a felt or fibreglass roof, have solid wooden or UPVC doors put on the front and back entrance and then make it into a laundry room so put some plumbing in and kitchen units. It already has electric and central heating.

My issue is with the retaining wall side on which the previous owner had put up some plastic corrugated sheets which I have just taken down. I have found the bricks to be damp/wet and think this has partly been caused by the guttering along the roof having been blocked but I do suspect being a 5 foot retaining wall it may always be at risk of damp. I am not sure what to do in terms of covering this wall. My initial plan was to put some battens and then fix pvc cladding sheets. Along this wall I then plan to put some base units.

I am anticipating the total project will cost me around 4k but I am now concerned that I am going to have issues with the retaining wall side of the lean to so would appreciate any help/advice.

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Re: Retaining Wall in Lean To Extension

Post by stoneyboy » Thu Jan 13, 2022 10:38 pm

Hi markbrick,
Since you say that the land on the outer side of the retaining wall is your neighbours you will have little choice but to form a ventilated cavity to separate the retaining wall and whatever wall you construct inside. It’s probably worth installing a concrete floor on DPM for the new interior wall to sit on leaving a drainage channel next to the retaining wall.
Regards S

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