Review of Roofer's estimate for flat garage roof
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Review of Roofer's estimate for flat garage roof

by raz » Mon Dec 05, 2022 2:19 pm


I have a flat double garage roof and have had a number of quotes and estimates, ranging from £700 to £4,300. I have probably settled for the below estimate from a local roofer who has a limited company and been operating for at least seven years.

If anyone would be so kind I would like some observations on the quote and mainly if it is covering everything which is needed to do an excellent job. Several roofers have suggested that I replace the felt completely so I presume that this is the best thing to do.

I have several queries:

1) Does the work below cover everything to a good standard
2) The builder mentioned fibre glass but I can't see this in the quote. Would this be a good thing to add?
3) The optional "Bed twice weathered coping stone" - should I get this done?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help guide a complete newbie!



Roof Works:
❖ To remove existing roof covering and dispose of.
❖ Cut out water damaged boarding in back corner and replace with new 18mm osb3
❖ Tack 1st layer of 2mm sanded felt. Burn on 2nd layer of 4mm sanded felt. Burn on 3rd layer of high-performance grey mineral felt. Form all edges and burn on drip flashings
to seal perimeter.
❖ Prime masonry abutments with bitumised primer and bond flashings to wall.
❖ Cut 25mm deep chase to masonry abutments. Install code 4 lead cover flashings.
Secure with traditional lead wedges and seal mortar joint with lead sheet sealant. All lead work to be oiled front and back using patination oil and installed in accordance with lead sheet association guidelines.
❖ Optional. Bed twice weathered coping stone to front parapet wall. Point and brush to achieve desired finish. £418 + VAT @20%. (Not included in below figure)
❖ Dispose of debris at local waste transfer station.

Materials £992.11
Labour £1450
Rubbish disposal £95
The above works come to the grand sum of £2537.11 + VAT @ 20%
Totalling £3044.53

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Re: Review of Roofer's estimate for flat garage roof

by stoneyboy » Tue Dec 06, 2022 10:00 pm

Hi raz,
Quote looks ok but whether it will be "an excellent job" will depend on the standard of the workmanship.
From your description presumably the garage is attached to your house. Have you seen pounding on the existing roof, if yes, the falls should be checked and adjusted.
There is no mention of rainwater goods e.g. gutter.
If the wall abutting the flat roof is exposed I doubt the advisability of using silicone seal to make good the mortar chasing because it will form a dam forcing rainwater into the wall.
Concrete coping stones are a good idea to protect and weather the top of the wall.
Regards S

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