Roof leak possibly through vent pipe opening?
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Roof leak possibly through vent pipe opening?

by DAVID CORKINDALE » Sun Jul 11, 2021 8:04 am



There has been a recurring leak through our roof over several years - it seems to occur when the wind blows in a particular direction.
I have already attempted several 'fixes' but I still cannot find the exact spot on the roof itself where the water is getting in.
I cannot access that part of the loft/attic as it is blocked-off by a brick wall.
Based on the photo of what appear to be Redland 49 tiles the chief suspect seems to be the area around the point where the vent pipe comes through the roof.
When I got up there it appears to be well-sealed with no obvious gaps but I wonder whether it was fitted correctly in the first place - does anything look 'off' about how it was left by whoever fitted the boiler?
The other thing is that the leak through the bathroom ceiling is lower down from where the pipe is in the next room, so I wonder whether it is feasible/likely that the rain water is pooling around the pipe, eventually leaking through a hidden gap and then running down the inside of the tiles to eventually come through the ceiling at that lower point?

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Re: Roof leak possibly through vent pipe opening?

by stoneyboy » Mon Jul 12, 2021 10:54 pm

Hi David corkindale
In your photo the part tile to the right of the stack is missing, this may be allowing rain to be driven in here. It’s worth checking that the lead flashing has upstands either side to direct water down rather than sideways.
Unfortunately it is possible that the stack is not the problem, there may be a tear in the underfelt above the leak stain and with all interlocking tiles there is the risk that the lower part of the interlocking edges has been broken allowing water to enter through the tile edge.
Regards S

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