Roof over veranda, ideas etc.
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Roof over veranda, ideas etc.

by ericmark » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:37 am

We have a converted garage under the main house, which has around 4 foot of veranda which is accessed from main living room, and it leaks.

We have had the builders to repair it, but it failed, so they need it seems to remove all hand rails and do it all again, with new hand rails.

So it would be nice if when it rained the chairs did not get wet, it is out door furniture so not damaged, but it means slightest shower of rain and all is wet, so considering a roof, not a true conservatory with windows, still open, but unless driving rain dry, and since the hand rails are being renewed we could fit longer ones to support the roof.

However clearly when we do get wind, if could get under the roof, so not sure what can be fitted, so any comments and ideas welcome. [attachment=0]DSC_3734c.jpg[/attachment]

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Re: Roof over veranda, ideas etc.

by stoneyboy » Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:38 pm

Hi ericmark
Not sure why the handrails need removing since they are fitted to the external wall.
Suggest you repeat the same size overhang you have on your main roof and fit glass panels in your handrails. The amount of rain you will get in the gap between top of the handrail and edge of roof will be minimal.
Regards S

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