Router fence should fence first be set square
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Router fence should fence first be set square

by greengrass » Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:17 pm

Right or Wrong?
Pivoting out feed end of router fence
Am I correct in assuming the fence has first to be set square to the cutter cutting blade (flush with fence no protusion) and the "feed out" end of the fence base drilled out at this position to fix pivot bolt with wing nut.

Then the "feed in" end being the end to set width of cut and clamped in position. Ie: swing out the clamp end to set to 3/4" width of rebate height cut in accordance to raising the cutter to achieve desired height of rebate. Ending with a rebate 3/4 x 1". Oh! what's the point of the inserter ring's used to reduce the centre hole size in the plate? if significant I'll buy or make some.
Hope its clear
Many thanks

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