Seeking Advice on Non-Permitted Development of Outbuilding
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Seeking Advice on Non-Permitted Development of Outbuilding

by gnomenthusiast » Thu Jan 07, 2016 4:13 pm


I'm looking to get some advice on what options I have for a project I'm starting at the moment.

The project is to build a 3.5m x 8.5m (Just under 30sq meter) shed/worktop in my garden. I am hoping to use timber frame construction similar to the workshop in this video:

The property is an upper villa flat. The gardens are quite unusual in that the large sloped area at the rear of the villas is split into 4 strips that extend down to the next street. The garden is around 4m wide and 50m long, narrowing slightly towards the bottom of the slope. The general layout of the gardens is shown in the photograph, mine is the left most (you can see the existing single garage at the bottom).


I have already contacted the local council and been told that I would not be able to erect the building under permitted development, as the building is considered a flat (fair enough). I don't object to having to apply for permission, especially as the layout is quite unusual. I do know that my neighbours brown and white sheds did not have permission, but they were erected some time ago.

I'm looking to find out what would be considered acceptable in terms of height for the building I want to build. The 2.5m above ground height that is mentioned in permitted development seems quite cramped, I would like to go a little higher with the roof if possible, but it's difficult to find information on what is considered acceptable as most of these types of buildings would come under permitted development. What would be considered acceptable eves and peak heights for a peaked roof? Is it correct that if a building is on a slope, the height is measured from the highest part of the land surrounding the building?

I have included a rough sketch of where the building would be in relation to the garage (bottom right corner).


Any other help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!