Semi detached status and converted garage and first floor bedroom
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Semi detached status and converted garage and first floor bedroom

by s45 » Sat Oct 17, 2015 8:50 am

I am in the process of buying a semi detached property (call it NO.1) where the garage has been converted into a bedrom and a 1st floor extension built.
I have had a survey done.
I am extremely worried that the neighbour has been allowed to bridge the gap between his extended at the back garage and No.1's property by way of using some kind of structure on the top of the garage which is touching the external wall of No.1 property, and by using planks of wood at the front and back of the garage.making it adjoining to No.1.
The report mentions:
"We would refer to our comments previously and our discussion at the property in relation to the neighbouring owner to the left hand side of the property, possibly extending and enclosing upon the left hand side flank elevation of the wall" .
I was advised that the neighbour could convert his garage adjoining to No.1 external wall and this could cause disputes or issues
I am worried whether
1. Woud the neighbour be allowed to convert his garage by adjoining to No.1 external wall? If not, how far away from NO.1's property could/must he build.
2. Can the neighbour use the external wall of NO.1 as a party wall when converting his garage?
3. would he be allowed to build on top of his converted garage and change the style of the house from semi detached to a terrace effect?

Is the neighbour breaching any rules by attaching the structure to this property? I have a picutre of the attachments but the file is too big. I can do a separate post with just the pictures?

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Re: Semi detached status and converted garage and first floor bedroom

by welsh brickie » Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:01 pm

personally I would walk away from the purchase, it could be a long and costly case that will bring neighbourly disputes and problems that can cause extreme stress on both sides

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