Setting up a new laptop.
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Setting up a new laptop.

by ericmark » Sat Apr 01, 2023 10:31 pm

Old laptop making a noise, I assume either faulty cooling fan or hard drive, so thought before it fails completely, better get a spare.

I realise now I was not looking too carefully as the spec of the replacement, rather a small hard drive, but an external one should get around that problem.

However also found I can't get some of the old programs to install as no idea of the pass codes, so no Photoshop, so need to find replacements, so it's Rawtherapee, Gimp, Hugin, Faststone Photo resizer, and lucky I have got Photomatrix essentials working.

But I wonder if there are any better options, I know I can do the images with Photomatrix, but it's one at a time, where with Photoshop raw I could do a batch together.

So open for idea to turn my photos into a format where I can view them with ease. All taken in RAW mainly Nikon, but also have Pentax.

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