Shelving falling down after moving up 5 inches
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Shelving falling down after moving up 5 inches

by emilyg2021 » Tue Nov 09, 2021 10:34 am

Hi all.

I got a handyman round to move the position of a shelf 5 inches up the wall. We used the same kind of wall plugs as previous and the same load went back on the shelf. However the shelf now does not want to stay on the wall. I have a new build plasterboard wall and the shelf is a floating shelf approximately 5kg in weight and 3.5 foot long. It has two wall bracket supports (one pictured). Any ideas what the issue is and how to remedy please? Used screw in type metal plugs (as picture), wondering if toggle plugs would be better but existing holes are probably bigger. Also seems that the handyman drilled in at an angle which is maybe why plug pictured in wall is loose.

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Re: Shelving falling down after moving up 5 inches

by Stilson24 » Tue Nov 09, 2021 9:34 pm

Is this on an interior wall or an exterior wall ? If it is interior it will probably be 2 sheets of plaster b/d with an open core.
If it is exterior wall it will be a sheet of plaster b/d 'dabbed' with adhesive onto brick or blockwork. If it is external the fixings may be hitting the blockwork and being pushed off.The fixings you are using are for very lightweight support. For both situations steel cavity fixings would be best. Rawlplug. M 4 X 40mm or similar., if it is on an external wall you may have to drill into the blockwork slightly. You first install the fixing and wind the screw right in to expand the anchor, remove the screw and fit it through the holes in the bracket and refix

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