Should These Roofing Timbers in Wall be Supported?
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Should These Roofing Timbers in Wall be Supported?

by RoryB » Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:54 pm

Can anyone help me with whats going on here please?

In starting to take down some stud walls on the first floor of a house built late 1800s but significantly renovated since, I uncovered these timbers which appear to form part of the roof.

I assume they bear on the party wall at one end and the roof rafters appear to be nailed to them. However at the end shown they just stop before the wall.

Also the line of internal wall they run along is stud. Nothing appears to be bowing or sagging but I am unclear of whats going on and concerned. Especially since I have to remove the studs which run from floor to underside of one of the timbers. Logic tells me its only stud and would not be taking any of the loads!!??

Please see the pictures.

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