Shower Still Leaking Even After new Tray and Cubicle Installed
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Shower Still Leaking Even After new Tray and Cubicle Installed

by Tokyomofo » Wed Dec 04, 2019 4:51 pm

Hi all!

Bought first home last year which had a shower installed. Noticed a small leak when it was being used from time to time into the kitchen below. Fast forward one year and I've had several plumbers out and a new tray cubicle installed, but still getting this leak through. We haven't used the shower in over 6 months as haven't had the money to pay anymore tradesmen to come out. I'm not thinking about tackling it myself so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I have removed the existing cubicle and started to remove some of the tiles. I have decided to buy 'Shower Panels' instead of re-tiling. My plan of attack is as follows

1. Shut off mains water, and remove mixer shower.
2. Remove rest of tiles/plaster board
3. Check waste pipe for faults/flow/drainage
4. Apply new plaster board
5. Apply shower panels
6. Fit new shower tray
7. Fit cubicle
8. Seal everything?

I have attached a couple of photos of what its looking like at the moment! Any advice appreciated

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