Simple way of blocking up a fireplace?
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Simple way of blocking up a fireplace?

by Will1977 » Sun Oct 15, 2023 7:04 pm

Hi all

I my house was built in 2002, it had a fireplace hole, thing with wood and marble surround.
I then placed a fireplace to block the hole, it's never used, just mainly for decorative.

Roll on 2023, I want to build a media wall, which means the fireplace needs to be removed.

I looked at what people recommend, and most of it mentions a chimney cowl, and an air brick fitted when bricking it up.

So my question is this, as the media wall design is very simple, timber, plaster boards etc,. Can I get away with removing the whole fireplace and just stacking some bricks, not concreted in and leaving a brick or 2 out. Maybe add a chimney balloon? Or even just not bricking it up at all.

Or, what other options do I have?

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