Single Room Heat Recovery Unit / Fan for Kitchen or Bathroom
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Single Room Heat Recovery Unit / Fan for Kitchen or Bathroom

by Valoopa » Thu Nov 30, 2023 12:01 pm

Hi all,

Hope you can help. I live in a 1900s terraced house with a musty and cold kitchen. We have a fairly good extractor hood over the hob that extracts to outside, however the rest of the room still gets wet from steam in the winter (despite also having the window open).
I don't have issues of mould on the walls but some items in the cupboards against the cold external walls go mouldy.

I'm after a heat recovery unit to install to improve ventilation and fresh air into the kitchen. Most units I've seen suggest they are not suitable for "wet areas" like bathrooms and kitchens, but I'm wondering if that is overkill and if they would suffice alongside my extractor hood.
The models I've seen include the MORI HR 150 and the Brookvent aircycle one+ 150 which can extract at most 17 L/s and are both around £300.
The beefiest recovery unit I've found is the Blauberg Vento Expert A100-1 which can do 30 L/S but it is £450.

Worth going big? Thoughts welcome - thanks.