Sloping Concrete Kitchen Floor Surrounded by Level Floorboard and Joist Floor
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Sloping Concrete Kitchen Floor Surrounded by Level Floorboard and Joist Floor

Post by Poindexter » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:06 pm

I have an Edwardian end of terrace house that has a concrete floor in part of the kitchen and floorboards in the other part. The big problem is the concrete floor slopes massively and is going to cause problems when we take a non load bearing stud wall down, to make a kitchen diner and want a consistent floor covering all the way through. Not a hump in the middle of the floor. The area affected is approx 3.2m x 1.9m.

Please see attached photos of how much the floor slopes. We are talking 30 mm + over a 3.2m length.

Should i dig out the concrete floor and get it replaced with joists? or dig so far down and level it?

I would prefer joists as it will allow for better pipe and cable runs instead of the tortured path they now take.

If I opt for new joists would I need extra ventilation? there is a 450mm-600mm void under the rest of the ground floor so I would dig down to that.

Any advice, either pros and cons of each method would be greatly appreciated.

I have added some pics.
overview of area of concrete floor. Concrete floor is in blue.
kitchen floor.png

Slope on concrete floor!

Concrete Floor

Level wooden floor less than 1M away!
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