softwear bug program
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softwear bug program

Post by macaulaytippins » Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:01 pm

hi there - is it just me !! can any one explain why when i type in the bing browser "" i get a different site yet whe i type it in google its ok? could this be a bug in my system or is any one else having same probs ?

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Re: softwear bug program

Post by Paul2463 » Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:32 pm

Hi Macaulay


A redirect is a special program put in a web page and/or imbedded in a spy-ware program that makes the web browser go to a page different from the one you typed in. This normally happens when you are infected with a virus or spy-ware.

How does this happen?

If you open an infected e-mail or web site you can easily get a Virus or spy-ware program. Even clicking on a picture or link on a web site can infect your computer's hard drive instantly. New programs called Rootkits can do extensive damage to your computer or gather information about you that can be used for illegal reasons. These programs can run undetected for as long as they are written for. By the time you know it you're infected it could be to late.

How can I protect myself?

o Do not go on Illegal sites or sites that contain *******. These sites are designed to cause harm to you or your computer.
o Keep a quality Anti-Virus/spyware program running and activated at all times.
o Do not let you Anti-Virus/spyware program expire. This is the leading cause of infection.
o Purchase a new program every year or two to be sure you have the best protection available.
o Periodically check for updates.
o Scan your system on a schedule. This can be set up right inside the program.
o DO NOT assume you can install the program and forget it.
o Do not install cheap or free Anti-Virus/spyware programs. These normally do very little to protect you from the latest and greatest threat.

Hope this helps

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Re: softwear bug program

Post by Leo1981 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:18 pm

do you have any anti virus installed? if not there are free ones out there to last you for a while as you can get virus's on your pc just by connecting to the internet sometimes. I know a few people that use AVG Anti-Virus because thats free but i would reccomend paying for a year subsciption for McAfee anti virus or norton anti virus, yes you have to pay but its worth it for that extra peace of mind each year.

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