Sorry....another shed base question!
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Sorry....another shed base question!

Post by callisr » Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:24 pm

Hello everyone! I am new so please be gentle!

Having never done such things as concreting, bricklaying and slabbing etc, I wondered if I might ask a few questions....

1-I have a slab patio but one corner is concrete (below the level of the slabs). Can I simply put sharp sand on top of the concrete, level and then put slabs on top to make the patio level?

2-I wish to have a shed on the patio (6ft x 4ft or 7ft x 5ft max). The slabs are a bit uneven but seem stable. I somehow need to level the area. Can I:

a-pour concrete into a 'form' straight on top of the slabs


b-take up the slabs and concrete straight onto the sand base underneath


c-dig down and remove everything and start again (seems excessive for a small shed!)

How thick does the concrete base really need to be?

*I am not sure I could take the slabs up and relay them level and firmly over such an area in case you are wondering why I don't just do that! I have tried to do slabbing in the past and it looked like someone had just dropped them!!

I have seen people on here refer to digging down to 'good ground' then aggregate then concrete. What is good ground? My ground is generally clay. Is this good or bad?

Sorry for the rambling!

Thanks in advance,


welsh brickie
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Re: Sorry....another shed base question!

Post by welsh brickie » Sat Jun 02, 2012 4:11 pm

you can remove the slabs and relay them with a mortar bed on top of the concrete or a sand and cement screed.But for just a shed I would lay 100x50 treated timber, level them, and set your shed on top its a lot easier and quicker.

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