Soundproofing ceiling to stop noise from flat above...
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Soundproofing ceiling to stop noise from flat above...

Post by davver79 » Sun Mar 09, 2008 7:14 pm


I've recently bought a new flat. It's a terrace converted into flats, I'm on the ground floor and am suffering from a lot of noise coming through from the flat above.

The worst area is my bedroom which is right below their kitchen, which sounds like it has wooden floorboards - so I hear walking, thudding, washing machine, pots and pans rattling when washing up, talking, stereo etc etc. I even hear them putting a cup down on the side! It sound every noise is being amplified somehow.

It's an old terrace house so I wouldn't have thought there was much insulation.

I'm unsure if this will do the job? My room is about 4m x 4m - I've had a quote from a builder of £1400 to do the job, but wanted to spend around £1000. Plus I'm not sure if I need a specialist to do the job?

Ideally I'd like a specialist to come round, listen to the noise and tell me exactly what I need to do! Does one of those exist?!

Thank you.

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Post by thedoctor » Sun Mar 09, 2008 7:31 pm

Go to any of our soundproofing projects on the website and contact the company at the top. They will advise you over the phone and send you what you need if you wouod like them to. We have used them for years and they are very reliable

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