Sticking & Leaking Toilet 2 Button Valve
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Sticking & Leaking Toilet 2 Button Valve

by nicenswift » Thu Sep 08, 2022 9:25 am


Hope everyone is well.

My 2 button valve (I have attached pictures) in my toilet is letting a trickle of water into the pan constantly (it has been doing this for a few weeks now)

In the last 3 days the valve seems to be randomly sticking open and water just flows straight into the pan and never fills the tank back up.

When it does his the buttons are not stuck down at all and the only way to cure it is to press both buttons a few times and it seems to free up and water stops running into the pan and starts filling the tank back up as normal.

I presume that to fix both the problems I need a new valve but cant seem to find one that matches mine (I have attached pictures)

If I can find one that matches I presume its a simple replacement job I could undertake myself (I am not very DIY savvy)

Many thanks for your time

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Re: Sticking & Leaking Toilet 2 Button Valve

by stoneyboy » Sat Sep 10, 2022 10:02 pm

Hi nicenswift,
Yes you will have to replace the flush unit with a similar but different design.
theoretically it should be dead easy but seldom is - if you are not experienced doing this type of replacement and have a good range of tools suggest you get a deaf in.
Regards S

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