Strange hooks behind existing skirting boards
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Strange hooks behind existing skirting boards

Post by sppc42 » Fri May 08, 2020 6:51 pm


In this lockdown I decided to replace the carpet near the downstairs cloark room with a laminate floor. For that, I thought it'll be easy to get rid of the old skirting boards and put in new ones, I like them better them putting trims.

However, taking out one of the skirting boards, it took lot of effort. I realized that the wall has an 'iron strip' with 'hooks' coming out and the old skirting board was holding onto it, thus making it difficult for me to take it out (Some pics of those hooks attached).

Couple of things I really need help with before going further.

1. How can I install a new skirting board? The only way I can think is to make 'partial holes' on the back of the board where the hooks are and then put it there. But that'll be too much work and not sure if that's correct. The hooks are old and strong and it'll be a nightmare to think of chopping them off with a metal saw, esp with one every 0.5m approx.

2. The concrete floor has a very think layer of chipboard kind of floor glued to it. What is it? Reason am asking is because I might have to double it up so that the final floor comes level with the rest of the house. Or is there anyother method I can use to do the levelling?

Am not a seasoned DIY'er, but confident enough to pull things up. But this really stumped me, so pls let me know what you guys think. Any inputs will be really helpful

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Re: Strange hooks behind existing skirting boards

Post by stoneyboy » Sat May 09, 2020 10:07 pm

Hi sppc42
The "hooks" are cut nails used to pin the old skirting back. Remove then by twisting them until they break off in the wall.
Double up on the thickness of your ply and use marine ply
Regards S

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