Strange Vertical Crack Near Conservatory Door
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Strange Vertical Crack Near Conservatory Door

by gebbione » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:04 pm

I am seeing a crack on the side of this door between the conservatory and the reception. I think this started first very small over the years, anything I can remember is from summer 2017. I have noticed some noise around the door in summer 2018 and the crack becoming slightly larger.

There is no storey on top of that wall, it is bearing the weight of a flat roof and its own brickwork. I am also not 100% sure if a lintel is present in the structure.

The door is between the reception and conservatory if you look at the map and you can see also my video in the album to have a better feeling of the structure.

Would you call a structural engineer or just a builder to take a look at it? What would you do about it? I am just wondering if an engineer will just come around and just look at it without really providing a reasonable solution other than, "it needs a full rebuild". I have called some and one mentioned he would open the plaster to take a look at the brickwork and another mentioned he would not open it up, so I am rather unsure as I have dealt with my own share of cowboys in the past and I would really rather avoid it.

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